There is No Neighbor Like a Minnesotan

Donor-driven philanthropy to support your community

Minnesota Community Foundation Impact



Donors from around Minnesota have entrusted their assets with us.


Dollars Granted

How much Minnesota Community Foundation and its donors distributed to nonprofits and community groups in 2017.


Funds Established

Many visionary leaders have established funds at Minnesota Community Foundation since its inception.


Contributions Received

How much generous donor fundholders gave to the Foundation in 2017.

Generosity Across Minnesota

Our purpose is to help make Minnesota thrive by empowering donors, supporting communities and sparking innovation in philanthropy. Since our founding in 1949 Minnesota Community Foundation has:

  • Helped thousands of donors make a difference in the communities they care about 
  • Supported the creation and growth of 14 regional community affiliates
  • Seeded philanthropic innovation through the creation of GiveMN, Minnesota Idea Open and other initiatives

Ensuring a thriving Minnesota, now and in the future

Innovative investment and grant products

Minnesota Community Foundation exists to help you achieve your philanthropic goals and sustain a thriving Minnesota. You enjoy the highest level of philanthropic service while improving the communities you care about most.

No Neighbor Like a Minnesotan

No other Community Foundation supports local communities like Minnesota Community Foundation. By providing our resources to Minnesota communities large and small, we can help you and your community dream big about the future and spark the generosity needed to make your dreams a reality.

To effect positive change, we believe those affected by our work as philanthropists must also be part of forming and informing the work we do.

Eric J. Jolly, Ph.D., president and CEO

About our work

Our strategic and equity frameworks guide our work in community.

About Minnesota Community Foundation

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