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From our October 2016 MNSights Advisor Edition E-newsletter

As you and your clients enter the fourth quarter and begin to reflect on their year and financial affairs, it’s an ideal time to engage them in conversation around philanthropy. The spirit of generosity and thanksgiving that permeates year’s end, coupled with the realities of tax law, often motivates people to want to do something charitably. For many clients, that “something” is difficult to pinpoint and decide upon. This is an excellent opportunity for professional advisors to offer guidance. Clients who know that their professional advisor is willing and able to engage them around their philanthropic resources — oftentimes through a partnership with a community foundation — will view their relationship with that advisor as more comprehensive.

It may be the first time you’ve broached the topic of philanthropy with your clients or this may already be an important part of your business. The Saint Paul Foundation and Minnesota Community Foundation are here, either way, to be your partners. We have helped hundreds of individuals and families create donor-advised funds or other vehicles for giving, and we’ve also developed tools and resources to help you assist your clients in defining and achieving their charitable goals.

Knowing that everyone learns best through different methods, our new Donor Engagement Toolkit contains book recommendations, white papers, videos, TED Talks, exercises and more. We have a series of modules to help donors advance in their philanthropic journey, from assessing values, identifying interests and creating a philanthropic mission and vision statement, to evaluating your charitable impact, leaving a charitable legacy and engaging other family members in philanthropy.

We also have our new Individually Managed Fund option, which allows donors to elect to have their charitable assets invested with a trusted advisor as opposed to with the community foundation.

We know you are busy, and we want to help. Please reach out to see how we can partner together to strengthen your client relationships.

- Jeremy Wells, Vice President of Philanthropic Services, The Saint Paul and Minnesota Community Foundations

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